Cod Ean8595057620704
Cod vamal39259020
Greutate1,4530 kg/m
Material fără plumbyes
Cu suto-stingere30 s
Rezistența la temperatură-5 - 60 °C
Testat cu buclă incinsă850 °C
Rezistență la impact2 J
Lătime139 mm
Înăltime61 mm
Lungime2 m
Zona interioară7000 mm2
The trunkings are available in lengths with a tolerance of ± 0.5% at 20 ° C.
They are resistant to aggressive and chemical environments. They do not resist UV radiation, they are not suitable for outdoor use.
Recomandările producătorului
The individual cables can be electromagnetically shielded by inserting a shield canal if necessary, to avoid interference. In the case of mounting the SK 40X33 (higher) shielding canal, it is not possible to use instruments with a larger installation depth, eg a surge arrester.
Zonă cu pericol de explozie
Electro-installation trunking (insertive, rectangular, halogen-free) and parapet canals with accesories can be installed in zones with explosion hazard of flammable gases (zone 2) and with the risk of explosion of flammable dusts (zone 22), installation must comply with EN 60079-14.
Clasa de reacţie la foc a materialului de fondA1 - F
Permite instalarea aparatajului dubluyes
Posibilitate de conectare prizei de pereteyes
Tipuri de protecțieIP 20
StandardeČSN EN 50 085-1
Descriere impachetarepackage - cardboard
Cu folie de protecţieyes

It is designed for inserting multiple cables or cables of larger diameters. Possibility to insert partition wall or shielding canal. Possibility to insert an instrument box and subsequently mount common types of instruments. Spacers are included in the package – always 1 pc per 1 m. Registered industrial design.