Cod Ean8595057691551
Cod vamal39259020
Greutate0,09 kg/m
Material fără halogeniyes
Material fără plumbyes
Cu suto-stingere30 s
Lătime7 mm
Înăltime29,5 mm
Lungime2 m
For canal LH 6040HF, EKD 80X40HF, PK 90X55 D HF, PK 110X70 D HF
Zonă cu pericol de explozie
Electro-installation trunking (insertive, rectangular, halogen-free) and parapet canals with accesories can be installed in zones with explosion hazard of flammable gases (zone 2) and with the risk of explosion of flammable dusts (zone 22), installation must comply with EN 60079-14.
StandardeČSN EN 50 085-1

It is used to divide the interior of the trunkings, thus allowing a better manipulation with the inserted cables and clarity.