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Cod Ean8595568937612
Cod vamal39259080
Greutate0,06 kg/pcs
Culoareblack + gray + orange
Material fără halogeniyes
Material fără plumbyes
Izolare fonicăyes
Cu suto-stingere30 s
Voltaj nominal<= 400 V
Curent nominal<= 16 A
Rezistența la temperatură-5 - 60 °C
Testat cu buclă incinsă850 °C
horizontally and vertically, a maximum of 3 boxes side by side, possibility of mounting the boxes against each other
Lătime73 mm
Înăltime60 mm
Adâncime63 mm
Diametrul orificiului găurit (forat)73 mm
Recomandările producătorului
For all range of products in hollow walls, we recommend using the milling sets supplied by us.
Clasa de reacţie la foc a materialului de fondA1 - F
Permite instalarea aparatajului dubluyes
Tipuri de protecțieIP 30
ČSN EN 60 670-1, ČSN EN 1363-1:2013, ČSN 73 08 10
Standardele cu privire lade rezistența la focEI 15 - EI 90
Descriere impachetare
the box is fitted with screws for fixing onto plasterboard and with instrument screws, pack loosely in a box

In case of fire, it provides integrity and insulation for up to 90 minutes (EI 15 - EI 90). The entry openings are made of flexible material. The fire-resistant material is located outside the box. The drill bit diameter for installation is 73 mm. The box is soundproof (soundproofing up to 69 dB). Mounting screws are equipped with a double-threaded design with plastic pads for quick installation. The box is designed for facilities with increased need for personal and property protection.