Cod Ean8595568934062
Cod vamal73181595
Greutate0,01 kg/pcs
Acoperire de suprafatăElectrolytic Galvanized
Rezistența la temperatură-50 - 150 °C
În medieM6 mm
Lungime20 mm
Funcționalitate în focP90-R, E90, PS90
Standardele cu privire lade rezistența la focČSN 73 0895, DIN 4102-12, STN 92 0205

This bolt is used to connect cable trays or cable trays with accessories, or to attach trays to supporting structures. Used for the same purpose on cable ladder systems. To protect the cables, the bolt head is inside the cable tray. The bolt and the nut provide a conductive equipotential bond up to 25 A.

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
You find more information in the catalogue Systems with maintained functionality in fire.